Car Wash

Professional car wash inside-out using the best cleaning materials. Car wash is performed manually on hand only at the price of 10€.

Absolute Security

At the premises of Pittas Parking 16 cctv cameras operate 24/7 in order to record everything concerning your vehicle. For short-term parking please enquire parking stuff to handle your keys back to you.

Long-Term Parking

Going on vacations? Do you wish to park your vehicle for a few days ensured that is absolutely safe? Entrust your vehicle to us with the most profitable and competitive prices.


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Additional Services : Car wash



Pittas Parking operates since April 2003 combining security and state of the art services. Housed in a bright building, situated between the Port and the city center of Pireaus, entering from Kountouriotou street 137-139 and exiting from Ypsilantou street 124-126. Our parking premises: comprise of 15 floor to house all our parking services, are monitored 24/7 by cctv cameras contain CO2 detectors, all operations and building security y controlled and managed and finally includes professional car wash. Pittas Parking serves the city of Pireaus citizens, employees and travellers and very soon all of those who will use all newly built underground and train stations. One of the most central avenues of the city of Pireaus, Vasileos Georgiou Avenue is right next to our parking services enabling our customers to use public transport and taxis in order to reach all Port Gates within 5 minutes travelling time. Within walking distance from our Parking Premises is situated the newly refurbrished Municipal Theatre of Pireaus, Corai Square, Pasalimani Area, malls, restaurants, coffee shops and places of entertainment. At Pittas Parking we aim at your immediate service from our well trained employees, emphasizing on speed, kindness and quality of services tendered.

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